::: IC Intracom...Dynamic Ideas for Computers
For nearly 20 years, we have had a worldwide presence in the Global Market Place ... With 1,200 employees in 13 countries, we supply and service more than 40,000 resellers in over 90 countries worldwide. Offering quality products designed for connecting and managing computers. No one offers a larger selection of computer components, peripherals, accessories and networking solutions. 2,000 products. Two brands. One source. All dedicated to earning you tremendous profits while satisfying your customer's needs. This simple formula has helped propel us as the worldwide leader for independent resellers.

We are no stranger to this part of the world. We have deep roots here in Asia . Although our corporate headquarters are in the US , we have offices and manufacturing facilities throughout Asia . So we can offer you the best of both worlds. We know the people and the markets.

But our size and long history are not the only reasons you should consider IC Intracom as a partner. Our sole dedication to you, the independent reseller, is another. We don't sell
to large “Big Box” retailers. Our total focus is on you...small and independent. This lets you enjoying the benefits of a large organization while maintaining your freedom of independence. No other supplier can deliver this combination of benefits.

As proof, we have developed a number of programs designed around you. Programs like our Lifetime Warranty on all products, our Immediate Exchange Program, our End-User Support Program, Partner Plus Authorized Reseller Program, and the very successful, Retail Advantage Program are all designed to keep your store up-to-date and very, very profitable... all examples of our dedication to your operation.

And when it comes to products, no one can come close to the breath-of-line.   We offer you two strong brands. Manhattan and Intellinet Active Networking.

The Manhattan brand is dedicated to giving you a huge selection of quality cables, adapters, input devices, multimedia accessories, pc cards, cases, USB peripherals, power protection, mobility accessories and so much more. Everything your customer could possibly want or need, you can now offer.
Our Intellinet brand is dedicated to networking products, both active and passive.  In this very hot category, we offer you a full line of products. Devices designed for the largest enterprise-wide networks to the fast growing SOHO (SmallOffice/HomeOffice) networks. Intellinet has you covered with all the right products for both selling opportunities.

The Manhattan and Intellinet brands are represented in the Malaysian market by WIZ.  We at IC Intracom are proud to partner with WIZ, knowing that we share the same values and dedication to you, the independent reseller. Our combined team approach offers you great products, great prices and great service. In short, partners you can count on and be proud of. Partners that will help you grow and be profitable.

We welcome you to the IC Intracom/WIZ family.  And invite you to find out more details on all of our independent retailer programs. Please feel free to speak with our Malaysian partner, WIZ. They will gladly supply all the details and answer any questions you have.  Thank you for our relationship and we look forward to many years of continued prosperity.